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Peggy Moores Terms and Conditions.


  • WE DO NOT ACCEPT ANY GUESTS FROM A THRID PARTY BOOKING. All guest bookings must match the debit or credit card details, with valid photo identification.

  • When making a Booking, whether through the Booking Engine via our website or other third party booking agencies, the Customer will be required to provide identification information including, but not limited to, the name, contact telephone number and email address of the Customer.

  • All Bookings must be paid for in advance before the commencement of the Stay.

  • Any requests from the Customer to change the Booking Details, such as the change in the dates or length of stay, increase the number of Guests, change room type or add products and/or services will be subject to availability and an additional fee may be incurred.

  • When the Customer books beds in a shared room, Peggy Moores will do our utmost to ensure that all customers of the same Booking will be placed in the same room. We however, cannot guarantee that this will be the case every time.

  • No Customer may re-sell or transfer all or any part of a booking. Peggy Moores reserves the right to cancel any Booking if it has reasonable grounds to suspect that a Customer is in breach of this clause.

  • The business model for Peggy Moores is to be short-term stay accommodation for local and international tourists. Due to this, any long-term bookings of over 14 days in the period of a month needs to be organized beforehand with management.

  • Bookings for 6 or more Guests will constitute a group booking and additional Booking Terms apply, as set out on the group booking contract. 


Group Bookings:

  • Tour group bookings must be 10 or more people

  • Cancelations for group bookings between 6 and 19 people require 10 days’ notice.

  • Groups of 20 people or more must cancel 6 weeks prior to check in, in order to receive a full refund.

  • Valid identification must be provided by every member of the group

  • Any damages caused by a group member must be paid in full by the individual or company that created the booking.

  • Any breaches to the terms and conditions will result in the group member being asked to leave and no refunds will be given.


Fees & Payments:

  • Bookings will be subject to the Customer making payment of the Charges in full in advance or providing valid debit card or credit card details from which the Charges can be taken at the relevant time in accordance with the Booking Terms of the Booking.

  • Payment methods via the Booking Engine are made using Credit or Debit Cards. Payment can be made either with Cash, Credit or Debit Cards, if the Customer is paying in person. However we highly recommend paying online when making the initial booking.

  • All rates charged include Value Added Tax at the time the Booking is made. Should the rate of VAT be increased, Peggy Moores will be entitled to adjust the rates accordingly.

  • When Peggy Moores processes a refund, it shall use the same payment method as used for the original booking payment. 

Children’s Policy:

  • Minimum age for bookings is 18 years and higher, any ages below must be accompanied by a parent/guardian at all times.

  • Guests under 15 years old, using hostel accommodation must be accompanied by an adult and cannot under any circumstances share accommodation in a separate dormitory room to their parent/guardian.

  • Children can only stay from Sunday to Thursday, but not on Friday and Saturday, due to the nature of our business as we feel in is not a suitable environment.


  • Our cancellation policy is set at 48 hours before check-in on our fully flexible rate.

  • If a Customer fails to cancel the booking within the 48 hour period or is a “no show”, the Customer will be charged 100% of the full rate of the Booking and it is non-refundable. Peggy Moores shall be entitled to collect such amount from the Customer’s credit or debit card used to make the Booking without further notice to the Customer.

  • Cancelations for group bookings between 6 and 19 people require 10 days’ notice.

  • Groups of 20 people or more must cancel 6 weeks prior to check in, in order to receive a full refund.

  • We may at any time cancel a Booking if the payment details provided by the Customer are invalid or if the Customer fails to provide alternative valid details.

  • If any information provided by the Customer is misleading or false Peggy Moores is within our rights to cancel the Booking immediately with no refund.

  • The Customer agrees that the above cancellation charges are a fair and genuine estimate of the loss that Peggy Moores would incur on the cancellation of a Booking.

Check-In and Check-Out:

  • Check-in time is from 15:00 local time. Earlier check-in may be available subject to prior arrangement with Peggy Moores and subject to the full range of services and facilities at the Accommodation not being available until the standard check in time.  

  • Latest check-out time is 11:00 local time. Failure to do so may incur additional fees.


Smoking Policy:

  • Smoking and vaping is strictly prohibited in all rooms of the property. A private terrace located to the left of the stairs at the entrance has been allocated as the designated smoking area.

  • Any Guest found to be smoking or vaping inside the building will be subject to a fine up to €3000 and charged an extra fee for odour spoilage to cover the loss of any future sales.


Soilage and Damages:

  • Guests are responsible for any soilage or damages caused to the property or its contents during their stay.

  • Guests must not damage or deface any property or furnishings on the Property.

  • Guests will be liable for any and all costs associated with any soilage or damage and be charged in full to their credit card on file.


Disturbing the Peace:

  • Our main goal at Peggy Moores is to provide a safe, peaceful, secure and comfortable environment for our Guests.

  • Any disturbance of our Guests’ stay can result in refunds or discounts to our affected guests, which in turn will result in additional charges to the guilty party.


Safety Policy:

  • Guests must abide by the local laws and regulations

  • Guests must not bring any weapons, illegal drugs, or other prohibited items onto the property.

  • Guests must not participate in any activities that are illegal or could be considered a nuisance or a disturbance to other guests.

  • Guests must respect the other guests, staff and the property at all times.

  • The Property is within all rights to reserve admission at any time.


Liability of the Property:

  • The Property is not liable for any injury, loss, or damage to any guest, their personal property, or any other persons or property while on premises.

  • The hostel is not liable for any injury, loss, or damage caused by any act or omission of any third party

  • The Property is not liable for any injury, loss or damage to any guest, their personal property, or any other person’s property caused by any natural or man-made disasters, war, civil strife, terrorist activity, labour disputes or adverse weather conditions.

  • Guests are advised to make their own arrangements for travel & motor insurances to cover any losses or damages.

Laundry Facilities:

  • Laundry facilities are available on site.

  • All guests make use of the laundry facilities at their own risk

  • Laundry detergent will be provided at reception in the correct quantities needed for a single wash.

  • Guests must not overload the machines.

  • Guests must not leave wet laundry in the machines overnight

  • Guests must not tamper with the machines or attempt to repair them

  • Guests must not use the laundry facilities to wash any items that are not suitable for machine washing.

  • The Property is not responsible for and damages or loss caused by the washers and driers.


Use of Digital Locks:

  • All guests must use the digital room locks provided

  • Guests must not attempt to bypass the digital locks or tamper with the locks in any way

  • Guests are responsible for the security of their own room and must ensure that the door is locked at all times

  • Guests must not share their access code with anyone else

  • Guests must inform the staff immediately if they experience any issues with the digital locks.

  • The Property reserves the right to change or reset the access codes at any time without prior notice.



  • All Guests must abide by the terms and conditions set forth.

  • The terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

  • These terms and conditions shall be interpreted under Irish law except as otherwise provided by convention or applicable law and shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Irish Courts.

  • Admission Reserved.


These terms and conditions are applicable unless they are inconsistent with the applicable law in which event the applicable law shall prevail. If any of the provisions of the terms and conditions are invalid under any applicable law, then the other provisions shall nevertheless remain valid to the extent that the remaining provisions are capable of standing without the provision or provisions ruled invalid.

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